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Cube Imdb

EUR, (estimated). See more on IMDbPro». Company Credits. Production Co: Digital Cube, Digital Cube, Erafilm See more». Show more on IMDbPro». Dir en Grey: [KR] Cube (Short) Die. Dir en Grey: Myaku (Short) Die. Dir en Grey: Taiyo no Ao (Short) Die. Dir en Grey: Goushitsu. mit Ice Cube, URL: html Leonard, Terry auf der IMDb, URL:

Cube Zero was slightly different from the original two movies in that it also dealt with some people on the outside of the cube whose job it was to control the cube and oversee those within.

It also attempted to answer some of the questions of the series. Lionsgate is currently working to reboot the series.

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Holloway: I think we have to ask the big questions. What does it want? What is it thinking? Worth: "One down, four to go.

The entire series. Anyone Can Die : It's rare for anyone to survive the cubes, and they don't tend to have much of a lifespan even if they do.

Big Labyrinthine Building : The Cube has to be traversed to find the exit before the prisoners die. The first one has 17, rooms in total and the hypercube over 60 million, both filled with boobytrapped rooms.

Closed Circle : The eponymous contraptions of the series are these. The protagonists are doomed to roam around a maze of cuboid rooms until they can figure out its particular structure and escape.

Or not. Death Course : The Cube again. Dwindling Party : Reduced one by one. Final Girl : Used one way or another in every movie: Cube features a cute, innocent girl in the cast of prisoners, but it's the mentally disabled boy who survives, apparently by being even more innocent.

Cube 2: Hypercube appears to play it straight , with a wholesome blonde surviving to the end but not much further — she's revealed to be a government operative who, after her de-briefing, is executed to keep the secrets secure.

Cube Zero plays it straight with Raines. Happy Ending Override : Cube ended with the Sole Survivor escaping the labyrinthine Death Course and walking into a white void before a Fade to White , leaving his ultimate fate unknown.

In Cube Zero , this happens to a different character A House Divided : Recurring plot point. In the original the booby traps only kill two of the seven characters.

In the second it's the guy with the knife who goes on a killing spree, while the third has one character wirelessly "reactivated" as a supersoldier.

Industrialized Evil : The focus of the series is on a network of giant, mechanical Cubical mazes built up of thousands of smaller cubes, some of which are boobytrapped.

It May Help You on Your Quest : Those imprisoned in the Cube have their memories wiped on How We Got Here , yet are often left personal items that help them Leaven's reading glasses in Cube , so she can read the numbers on the rooms or hinder them Simon's knife in Cube 2: Hypercube , which makes him a threat to the others or simply taunt them Simon has a photo of the woman he was hired to find who has also been dumped in there, and a colonel is left with an empty Handcuffed Briefcase whose only use is to help him commit suicide.

Unlike per usual for this trope, this is neither a Contrived Coincidence or an attempt to help them succeed.

Kill 'Em All : Fitting with the series' deep cynicism and the utter lethality of the eponymous mazes, nearly all characters usually die, either by the cubes or by their own hands.

The survival rate in the series' entries is, successively, Locked in a Freezer : Obviously, nearly the entire Cube is a trap. There's also the added bonus of having a limited time frame to escape before you simply starve to death or die of dehydration, that is.

The Maze : The series entirely revolves around a mysterious cubical labyrinth filled with death traps that the protagonists must escape from.

Malevolent Architecture : Also the whole point of the series. Mind Screw : The first movie intentionally gives no explanations for anything.

The second and third movies do, but as they were written and directed by different people, they can't get the internal logic straight.

The DVD Commentary on the first one states in no uncertain terms that the world outside the cube does not exist.

It doesn't withhold explanations as much as erase every possibility that explanations could exist.

Minimalism : There is only one set throughout the entire first film; after all scenes set in cubes of a given color were shot, the panels were replaced with a different color and another set of scenes were shot.

The sequel didn't even bother with that; every room of the cube was identical, and the final set was green-screened.

The third was atypical simply because it had any sets besides the cube. The entire building is one colossal Death Trap , which the protagonists are expected to navigate and escape.

Ontological Mystery : Aside from being a basic survival story this is the major plot point of the movies, particularly the first one, although the sequels adhere to this progressively less and less.

Sealed Room in the Middle of Nowhere : The mazes featured in the series, doubly so the Hypercube, which is implied to be non-Euclidean space folded into a single room.

World Limited to the Plot : Deliberately invoked in the series. The inconsistent internal logic from movie to movie is designed to eliminate the possibility of a wider world beyond the Cube.

You All Meet in a Cell : The series has characters meeting after being mysteriously imprisoned for no known reason in a shifting death trap.

You Wake Up in a Room : All the victims of the cube wake up in a cube-shaped room with no memory of how they got there. Arbitrary Skepticism : Holloway and Quentin both during their discussion of each other's pet theories on the origins of the Cube.

She believes that the military-industrial complex created the place, but he points out that for the most part, government organizations are just composed of people like him, whose goals in life are to " buy big boats ", not conspire.

Quentin's theory is that the structure is a rich psychopath's entertainment, and the two argue over this. Asshole Victim : Quentin.

From letting Holloway fall to her death, to actively killing Leaven and stabbing Worth, he was the only one who deserved to be in the Cube in the first place.

Definitely deserved getting crushed between the walls. Ax-Crazy : Quentin once he shows his true colors.

He reveals that he worked on the construction of the Cube, but when the other characters question who is ultimately responsible and secretly controlling and watching their lives, his theory also very likely is that the Cube no longer has a purpose or an owner, and is nothing more than somebody's forgotten project, being used simply because it is there, and nobody wants to admit how pointless it is.

He caps it off with "Big Brother is not watching you. It turns out he's actually a vicious psychopath with homicidal tendencies who cares only for himself.

Big Bad : Quentin, who snaps and starts trying to kill all the protagonists when they defy him. Whomever is behind the Cube is never seen.

Big "NO! Worth, when Quentin murders Leaven. Bizarrchitecture : The film is set in a building made up of a three-dimensional moving matrix of cube-shaped cells, most equipped with various booby traps that will kill the prisoners inside.

Cube , the first film in the series, follows a group of seven frightened strangers who find themselves trapped in a bizarre maze of cubical rooms, with no memory of how they arrived there.

Despite the film's low budget, it achieved moderate commercial success and has developed a cult following due to its surreal, Kafkaesque setting.

Cube 2: Hypercube is a sequel to the film Cube. A new group of prisoners quickly discovers that, unlike the original Cube, the rooms in their prison appear to shift instantaneously.

They realize they are inside a hypercube in which gravity, space, and time are distorted. This time the prisoners each have a connection to the cube's suggested creator.

Cube Zero is a prequel to the film Cube. Wynn finds himself caring about the fate of Cassandra Rains, a woman in the Cube, and decides to risk his job and even his life to help her try to escape.

The rooms are similar to the original film, except that the colors are not as bright as in the first film. In March , it was rumored that Lionsgate Films was considering an additional film in the series, tentatively titled Cube 3D.

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Mike "Nug" Nahrgang. Leavenworth Prison U.

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Kazan is disturbed by red rooms, and often characters will confront one another and fight in red rooms.

Conspiracy Theorist : Holloway believes that the Cube was constructed by an evil government, while she mocks Quentin for his own ideas that it's some rich psycho's entertainment.

She turns out be only half-right; Worth who worked on the Cube explains that the Cube is a public project with no bureaucratic oversight.

Contrived Coincidence : The characters all end up meeting each other very quickly, despite the huge maze. No matter if this was intended by the people who put them in, or if it's simply the writer's choice - it's this trope.

Although the ending suggests they were just all dumped one room from the entrance. Cruel and Unusual Death : Alderson who serves no real purpose in the film other than serving as a Decoy Protagonist enters a orange-lit room from an adjacent one.

When he takes a few steps, a loud sound is heard, and for a while, he just stands erect and in place. He then collapses into a loose pile of bloody chunks that fall to the floor.

It is only then the audience sees a razor-wire trellis silently folding up and realise how he has been killed.

Cut-and-Paste Environments : All of the rooms look the exact same minus the colours; justified, because it's a maze. The set of the first movie actually is the same room over and over, with different color lights.

They didn't even have the budget to use six different colors, so it gets somewhat repetitive. Dead-End Room : The titular cube is a gigantic series of these.

Some are booby-trapped, while others are safe, with almost no way of knowing until it's too late. Escape is made all the more difficult because the rooms move.

Cube Zero implies that even if you escape, the monitors kill you, or worse lobotomize you and throw you back into the Cube. Deadpan Snarker : Worth.

Also, Leaven sometimes. Dead Star Walking : The guy billed as the star of the movie and pictured on the poster gets diced five minutes in.

Decoy Protagonist : Alderson. Most of the other characters also fit this trope at one point or another; one of the selling points of the movie is that the viewer's perception of the characters is meant to change as the movie progresses.

Delayed Causality : The Clean Cut in the opening scene is followed by the character standing still for a few moments before the body parts fall apart.

Diabolus ex Machina : The chances of Quentin being in the room right next to the bridge room where the other characters are is about 20, to 1, considering that the rooms move around.

Diagonal Cut : The first trap seen seems to do nothing except go "schinggg" — until the hapless victim collapses into a pile of meat dice.

Domestic Abuse : It's implied that Quentin's wife left him because of his violent temper and that he was also abusive to his children.

Door to Before : A rare movie version of this; justified because the rooms move around. Downer Ending : Characters are repeatedly set up as heroes in an escape for their lives from a mechanical maze, but they all end up dying or being killed by another character, except for the mentally disabled character.

He would be the only person who could sound the alarm or summon help, but would not be able to communicate the situation, assuming he understood it at all.

Dramatic Drop : Quentin drops the boot when he finds Rennes' body despite travelling several rooms away from where he died.

Enclosed Space : The individual cubical rooms, which in the first movie are no more than 15 feet in diameter on the inside. Eye Open : The film opens with a tight close-up of a man's eye when he wakes up to find himself in the Cube.

Fade to White : At the end, when Kazan exits the Cube and enters the white void beyond. Famous Last Words : Leaven. Worth: I have nothing Leaven: What is out there?

Worth: Boundless human stupidity. Leaven: I can live with that. Leaven: Have you been on glue all your lives?!

I've felt guilty for ruining the world since I was like, seven! God, if you need someone to blame, throw a rock! I have, it's not that complex.

It's made up of guys like me. Their desks are bigger, but their jobs aren't. They don't conspire, they buy boats.

Up this week. He first came to public notice as a singer and songwriter with the controversial and influential band N.

His compositions with that group included many of the classic cuts from their debut LP "Straight Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

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Paradox - A Rusty Lake Film - Official Short Film Cube Imdb Miller was good and the pace of the click here helped distract from him basically see more a Rain Man impression. Favorite Movie Hairstyles. Butt-Monkey click Worth is basically Quentin's punching bag who he regularly beats and throws into rooms. Box Office Success Stories of Download as PDF Printable version. Definitely deserved getting crushed between the walls. Nobody's ever going source call me paranoid again! The world in which the Cube series is set is kept secret from the viewer of the films . Did You Know? Trivia. The rise and break up of the group Is loosely based on the story of N.W.A. Sido ressmbleces Ice-Cube, while Eddie G is inspired by Eazy-. EUR, (estimated). See more on IMDbPro». Company Credits. Production Co: Digital Cube, Digital Cube, Erafilm See more». Show more on IMDbPro». Dir en Grey: [KR] Cube (Short) Die. Dir en Grey: Myaku (Short) Die. Dir en Grey: Taiyo no Ao (Short) Die. Dir en Grey: Goushitsu. mit Ice Cube, URL: html Leonard, Terry auf der IMDb, URL: Writers: Philipp Lothar Mayring, Irma von Cube. Stars: Hans Otto, Fritz Lequis, Edith Edwards | See full cast & crew». Added to Watchlist. Add to Watchlist. Stefan and Kai meet again after years. Edit page. External Reviews. After her return from a Russian Gulag, Antonia is forced to keep her horrible experiences secret in favor of Mike Saint new socialistic GDR. User Reviews.

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Was David Icke Right? (Conspiracy Documentary) - Real Stories Continue reading Skender Dula Added to Watchlist. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Sido Flemming Olsen Jon Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Hans Otto Eddy as B-Tight Milton Welsh Sign In. Boy 7 II Runtime: 87 min. Half Visit web page Clear your history. Rate This. Edit Final, Janni Hönscheid Schwanger remarkable Besnik is a lonely shepherd and devoted Muslim, haunted by unfulfilled love. Parents Guide. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Time You Change Photos Add Image. Stefan became a successful lawyer in Dubai while Kai is stuck in their home town. Biography Drama Music. Barmbek Oktober as B-Tight Milton Welsh Trivia The rise and break up of the group Is loosely based on the story of N. Full Cast and Check this out. Julian, the German, Yassin, the Turk, and Addi, the African, have the Cube Imdb mother but different fathers.

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