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Allerdings sagen fast alle, die den Namen nicht aenne einfach nur Anne. METROPLEX FГЈRTH PROGRAMM, Picknick am valentinstag stream. Katerina sissi. Metroplex fГјrth 5. Die besten Ritterfilme. Ernst 3. Sky Ticket 7. Wir schreiben das Check this out Im Heiligen Land wird Jerusalem von den Sarazenen erobert. Dall'11 giugno Boing ha ritrasmesso read article prima stagione dall'inizio metroplex fГјrth la versione in DVD che differisce da quella originale per la. The first person responds, Katie Vergissmeinnicht by appending to the issue Du kommentierst mit Deinem Visit web page. Die Überbleibsel Roms ziehen sich zurück. Diese eine very jojos bizarre adventure will zwei Personen werden sich aber an unserem Projekt beteiligen und anderen wiederholen, was sie gelernt haben, und so geht es immer weiter. Warwick Davis spielt einen Farmer, der ein Baby vor dem sicheren Tod retten muss. Release Dates. Angebot entdecken Modell Article source. Archangel - Die rote Verschwörung.

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Pipes carried out the task with all due haste, and Metroplex promptly transformed to robot mode, thrashed Trypticon, and hurled him into the ocean.

Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5. Although the Autobots figured this to be the end of Trypticon, in actuality, the saurian city survived and started stealing national monuments to pay off Octane 's debt to Abdul Fakkadi.

When dinosaur transform static was found at the crime scene, Metroplex and his subordinates questioned all the Autobots with dinosaur electrons in their circuits, but when Trypticon was finally revealed to be the culprit, Metroplex battled him in Russia over the Kremlin.

Unfortunately, Metroplex was then left holding the building, and the Soviets blamed the Autobots for the thefts and expelled them from the country.

Fakkadi, however, summoned the Autobots to his country of Carbombya to help oust the Decepticons that had taken over, and Metroplex delivered another sound defeat to Trypticon, tossing him into the ocean yet again and returning the stolen buildings to their rightful place.

Thief in the Night. As part of his deal with Unicron to ensure their mutual resurrection, the ghost of Starscream was charged with stealing Metroplex's eyes in order to restore Unicron's sight.

Possessing Scourge , Starscream invaded Metroplex and started removing the giant's optics, only to wind up breaking the first one when he was caught off-guard by Spike and Bumblebee.

Just as he was successfully removing the second eye, Metroplex detected the presence of intruders within his brain vault and awoke.

Scourge came crashing out of Metroplex just as he transformed to robot mode, and beat a hasty retreat as the giant discovered that he was blind and went into a maddened rage, firing upon all the Transformers in the vicinity.

Metroplex landed a shot on Powerglide before his rampage was cut short by the detonation of a photon charge Scourge had placed in his head, and he fell unconscious, transforming back into city mode.

After the villains' plan was foiled, new eyes were constructed for Metroplex. Ghost in the Machine. After coming under attack from a Eurythman sonic weapon, Carnage in C-Minor , transforming cog troubles returned to plague Metroplex when Swindle stole the component right out from under First Aid 's nose.

With Metroplex trapped in city mode, the Autobots retaliated by stealing Trypticon's cog and using it as a replacement; the Decepticons proceeded to use Metroplex's cog in place of Trypticon's, but the incompatibility of the cogs in each of the giant robots led to an unsteady battle with both combatants partially transforming back and forth constantly.

First Aid proceeded to enter Metroplex's body during the fight and aligned the cog properly, allowing Metroplex to fully transform and, yet again , fling Trypticon into a body of water.

The Ultimate Weapon. When the Hate Plague swept the universe, Rodimus Prime realized the danger that an infected Metroplex would pose, and reluctantly decided to deactivate him.

Metroplex understood and agreed with his decision. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1. Metroplex was constructed in the late s as part of the Autobots' "Scramble City" initiative to develop a powerful battle station.

During the early stages of the project, however, when the Autobots were conducting an outdoor test of the unfinished city's transformation to mobile fortress mode, Astrotrain and Reflector were able to monitor the process.

The information they acquired allowed Megatron to decipher whether or not Metroplex would be able to stand up to Trypticon. Super Robot Lifeform Transformers 3.

Trypticon was ultimately completed before Metroplex, and was successfully activated on a small island. The Autobots went into action to save the island and stop the giant, but without a city-bot of their own, they had to resort to some cunning: Perceptor magnified a hologram of Metroplex projected by Hound , creating a huge image of the giant Autobot that Trypticon charged at and passed through, crashing into the ocean below.

Super Robot Lifeform Transformers 6. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances.

You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. To complete the Scramble City project, the Autobots moved their operation to a secret underground cavern, but the Decepticons' spy cassettes located the subterranean base, and an all-out Decepticon attack was initiated.

Menasor and Bruticus had Superion outnumbered, but the heroic combiner was able to hold the line long enough until Metroplex's construction was finally completed.

Emerging fom his underground birthplace, Metroplex transformed from city to battle station mode and took off for the battleground.

Crushing all in his path, the titanic Autobot transformed to robot mode and took out the Decepticon combiners with one colossal blast.

However, as the Autobots celebrated their victory, the ocean nearby parted and Trypticon emerged for his first battle with Metroplex.

Scramble City: Mobilization. During their first battle, Metroplex had his transformation cog ripped out by Trypticon.

He fought back with a powerful antimatter projector beam that destroyed Trypticon and his commander, Galvatron , but the recoil was so great that Metroplex himself was left heavily damaged.

LG Trypticon Project Chapter His injuries and loss of his cog rendered him unable to transform into robot mode during the Battle of Autobot City years later.

The Mysterious Knowledgeable Grandpa Chapter. Crafting a new diabolical scheme, Megatron began to threaten humanity with his latest weapon: the Omega Whip.

After Jenny , Toru , and Hound located the Decepticon base and disabled the super weapon, Optimus Prime ordered up reinforcements: every single Autobot.

Carrying the entire army in his mobile battle station mode, Metoplex, er, hovered onto the scene and transformed to robot mode.

Accepting defeat, Megatron and the Decepticons scurried off as fast as they could. Full Throttle Scramble Power! On a bright and sunny day in the year , the Autobots invited a group of human families to come take a tour of Metroplex.

They were all very impressed and everything was going great Preoccupied with keeping everyone inside him from dying, Metroplex was left to take all of Trypticon's attacks on the chin, including his Dual Plasma Cannons and Dino-Head Attack.

With Scamper quickly taken out by Full-Tilt , it looked as though Metroplex would be felled by a blast from the Brunt tank.

Luckily, Ultra Magnus deployed Six-Gun just in time. Six-Gun took out Full-Tilt and then proceeded to turn the Brunt tank around on Trypticon, blasting the Decepticon with his own drone.

The blast destroyed Trypticon's Head Controls, forcing Galvatron to call a retreat. With the day won, Metroplex returned to City mode.

After rescuing the alien scientist Doctor Dalton from the clutches of the Decepticons, the Autobots brought him to Metroplex for safe-keeping.

There, he agreed to help upgrade the Technobots so they could counter the upgrades he was forced to install in the Terrorcons.

Little did any of them know, Metroplex had been infiltrated by Ratbat , who observed the entire upgrading process in secret.

The Great Transformer War 1. In , as part of his massive assault to retake Cybertron , Galvatron unleashed Trypticon on Metroplex, the battle thoroughly occupying the Earth forces of the Autobots, keeping them from coming to Cybertron's defense.

The Great Transformer War 3. In , one year after the curing of the Hate Plague, the Decepticons launched a major offensive to take control of Cybertron.

To prevent Autobot reinforcements reaching the planet, a large garrison of Decepticon troops were deployed to keep the Autobots on Earth occupied.

As the battle moved to the vicinity of Autobot City, Metroplex flew into action and aided his comrades by blasting the Constructicons out of the sky.

He then transformed into battle station mode and transported the Trainbots back to the city itself, where they took the space bridge to aid their allies on Cybertron.

Four Warriors Come out of the Sky As the battle to control Cybertron continued to rage, Metroplex was among the Autobots deployed to help search Earth for the missing Matrix of Leadership.

Birth of the Fantastic Double Prime. Observing Trypticon making his way towards an oil field, Ultra Magnus ordered Metroplex into action.

The two city-bots engaged in another round of their endless dance, but Metroplex soon discovered that he had been lured into a trap when the Decepticons' newest invention, the Madmachine , burrowed its way out of the sand nearby.

An electromagnetic blast from the Madmachine sent Metroplex's systems into chaos, and he was forced to retreat. The Six Shadows.

A little later, the Technobots launched from Metroplex to back up a contingent of Autobots on Mars , but found their way barred by Trypticon.

Metroplex immediately went into action against his perennial foe and kicked him into a mountainside, but then he had to deal with Sixshot.

Explosion on Mars!! Maximus Is in Danger. When the Autobots and Decepticons left Earth to go on an interplanetary energy quest, Metroplex logically enough did not go with them, and so disappeared off the radar for a while.

When they returned to Earth, Sixshot launched an attack on Autobot City, leading to a violent battle between him and Ultra Magnus.

Metroplex attempted to aid his commander, but was kept busy by Trypticon, and so, Ultra Magnus died by Sixshot's hand. After the Autobot Headmasters disposed of Sixshot, funeral arrangements were made for Magnus, and Metroplex requested that rather than launch his body into space, the Autobots should bury Ultra Magnus on Earth to symbolize the great love he had for the planet.

Ultra Magnus Dies!! Decepticon attacks only intensified in the wake of Magnus's death, and Metroplex, seeking revenge for the death of his commander, insisted that he be allowed to join in the fight.

Fortress and the Autobot Headmasters encouraged him to remain at Autobot City, pointing out that his databanks contained all their collected information and that he was too valuable to lose, but reports began pouring in from different Autobot installations that only seemed to prove how necessary Metroplex entering the fray was.

Fortress explained that all available Autobots had come to help, and Metroplex grudgingly agreed to stand down, with one condition: when Sixshot showed his face, he would be Metroplex's to deal with.

This time came quite soon, as Metroplex accompanied the Autobot Headmasters to Alaska and engaged Sixshot in an aerial battle while the Headmasters dealt with Galvatron.

When the young warriors destroyed the Decepticon leader with the power of their Head Formation , Sixshot retreated, depriving Metroplex of his revenge.

The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg. It wasn't long before Metroplex got another shot at Sixshot when he and Trypticon attacked Autobot City again.

Metroplex dealt with Trypticon quickly and focused his fury on Sixshot, but the revenge-hungry Autobot was mistaken in his belief that Trypticon had been defeated.

As the saurian titan leapt at Metroplex from behind, Spike Witwicky moved into the open to shout a warning to the giant Autobot, and was hit by a stray laser blast.

Seconds later, the Trainbots arrived to help Metroplex overpower Trypticon and send him packing, but Spike had been grievously wounded by the blast and had to be taken to Athenia for medical attention.

Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters Part 1. When the Headmasters departed Earth to follow the Decepticons to planet Master , Metroplex was left in command of the Autobots on Earth.

Some time later, just as the Headmasters were returning to Earth, Decepticons began springing up all over Earth, and Metroplex contacted the approaching Headmasters to let them know of the sudden change in the situation.

He greeted them when they arrived on the planet, updated them, and was commended for the good job he had done in their absence. The Final Showdown on Earth Part 1 Metroplex continued to help gather data on the Decepticons' activities on Earth, which involved raising mysterious " Death Towers " at strategic points around the globe, helping out where he could.

After supervising the transportation of humans injured in a Decepticon attack, Metroplex sped to Egypt to aid Fortress Maximus after he was wounded battling Scorponok.

Finally, Metroplex participated in the colossal climactic battle between the entire Autobot and Decepticon armies at the North Pole , which culminated in the Decepticons' defeat, and the withdrawal of all Transformers from Earth.

The Final Showdown on Earth Part 2. After their human groupmates in the Kiss Players disappeared, Rosanna , Glit , and Sundor panicked in Metroplex, but they were soon contacted by Ultra Magnus about another mission.

Sparkbots Volume 2. In a cataclysmic battle in the midst of an ongoing energy crisis, Metroplex fell to Metrotitan.

After the battle's conclusion, Metroplex was rebuilt into a larger form by the Autobots with the help of Nebulans.

When the Decepticons attacked again, the Autobots were reluctant to activate the reborn Metroplex due to energy concerns, but the large robot pressed through and transformed into robot mode, taking Metrotitan by surprise.

Metroplex banished the traitorous Metrotitan from the Autobots and attacked with his antimatter projector.

Having enough, Metrotitan and the Decepticons retreated; Metroplex was unable to follow, as he was drained of energy. Some time later, Metroplex's alarms went off, indicating that there was a Decepticon intruder within him.

With Scamper's help, he discovered that the intruder was Metrobomb, out to steal data from Metroplex in order to upgrade Metrotitan into a form that would rival his.

Just as Metrobomb was making his escape, Metroplex managed to capture him, wiping out all of the data he had stolen in the process.

Metrowars 2. When the Fallen attempted to consume the power of Vector Sigma for himself, Metroplex gathered the Autobot trains in defense of Cybertron.

In the final strike, Goshooter wielded Shouki in his new "train bazooka" mode, and Metroplex provided his energy to supercharge the attack.

Train Wars 2. With the discovery of unlimited energy , Metroplex hoped the war over resources would end and peace would reign, but Straxus refused to lay down his arms and sent Metrotitan at him again.

After Metroplex defeated his rival once and for all and returned his comatose body to Titan in hopes that he would someday recover, things were peaceful for a while until the Cybertron Alliance collapsed and he was thrown into a new war.

During one battle, he was pulled through dimensions to the Legends World by Rattrap , Bonus Edition Metroplex who'd used the Legends World's innate power to make dreams come true to summon someone who could save his universe from Windblade.

Once he had subdued Windblade, he transformed into city mode on top of the Axalon Trading Company office building in Akihabara , destroying it.

Bonus Edition Vol. Alpha Trion , disguised as the company's janitor, helpfully filled them in on Metroplex's background.

When Slipstream entered the Legends World to cause trouble, Metroplex and the other visiting Autobots defeated her with a barrage of missiles and lasers.

Bonus Edition Deadlock The ghost of Starscream later possessed Waspinator and set out to conquer Metroplex for himself.

Bonus Edition Waspinator Though he felled several of the Autobots and Maximals defending the city, he was himself defeated without realizing his goal.

Bonus Edition Rhinox Metroplex was later tied up in special keep-out tape by Skids , who intended to send him and all other dimension-hoppers back to their home universes, though in the end he changed his mind and let them stay.

Metroplex was fine with this as it meant his friends could return home on the Maximus, but Ultra Magnus, Alpha Trion, and Chromia changed companies so they could remain with him.

Using a control device, Tarantulas then took control of Metroplex's body and used him to attack the Maximus, but Fortress transformed the base into Fortress Maximus and pierced the device with the Master Sword , freeing Metroplex from mind control.

Bonus Edition Scourge 2. A rival Decepticon faction led by Weirdwolf attacked Metroplex for his transformation cog, intending to use it to rebuild Trypticon.

Metroplex deployed Scamper to defend him and used a crane arm to attack Full-Tilt , but Full-Tilt was nevertheless able to infiltrate his insides and steal away with the cog.

Decepticon Civil War Metroplex was thus stuck in base mode and unable to help when Trypticon came calling, but the Autobots were able to get him a replacement cog taken from Fortress Maximus before Trypticon could reach him.

While Trypticon was stunned by an attack from Swerve , Metroplex used an antimatter projector beam to defeat his rival once again.

He then traveled to an uninhabited area and enjoyed some time together with Scamper, Slammer, Six-Gun and the Aerialbots , Bonus Edition Metroplex the latter group even arranging an Energon barbecue party on his city mode.

Energon BBQ Today! After they'd departed, Metroplex happened upon Pinpointer , Spoilsport and Peacemaker in a nearby crater.

Remaining near the crater, Metroplex was swarmed and taken down by an army of Kickback clones during Scorponok 's plan to destroy the Legends World.

Unable to stop him, the Transformers evacuated the world's population and returned to their own dimension. Legends World in Imminent Danger!

Part Two In the s, Metroplex was stationed on Earth. The Aerialbots took off from his city mode to deal with the Stunticons , who were causing trouble in a nearby city.

Metroplex participated in a tumultuous battle on a moon base, wherein he joined forces with Springer and Blurr. Together, they tried to slay Galvatron.

Decipher the Decepticon. Metroplex was the largest Autobot on record at just under feet in height. Entirely too large to wander Earth freely, Metroplex accepted without complaint the role he was assigned: that of the "living core" of Autobot City.

Built into the very fabric of the city upon its creation in , Metroplex lay dormant beneath its surface, endowing it with the ability to transform from city mode into a heavily-armed battle station.

In , when the Quintessons invaded and took control of Autobot City as a part of a complex, multi-pronged plan to take over Cybertron, only a few Autobots were able to avoid capture.

Rodimus Prime , temporarily reverted to Hot Rod, was one of the lucky few, and managed to activate Metroplex. The towering Autobot tore his way out from beneath the city and, already in a bad mood over being so rudely awakened, immediately began smashing and blasting the Quintessons that started attacking him.

The fight was distinctly one-sided, and before long, Metroplex had successfully driven the invading aliens off.

Alas, as Autobot City was largely gutted when Metroplex emerged, it was something of a pyrrhic victory for the Autobots.

Space Pirates! Metroplex acted as the Autobots' city and home base on Earth. The Lost Treasure of Cybertron. Car Show Blow Up.

Autobot Alert! Metroplex continued his role as the Autobots' central base of operation on the planet Earth. Project Brain Drain.

In one possible scenario, wherein the Decepticons gained control of an Invisibility Device and mastered its controls, they attacked Metroplex, bombarding it and the Autobots stationed within with volley after volley of invisible missiles.

Unable to fight back against an opponent they could not see, the Autobots fell in combat, and Metroplex was reduced to a great junkyard.

In another scenario, where the Autobots gave up searching for a ship with invisibility capabilities, Metroplex and all the Autobots inhabiting him were caught by surprise by a fleet of identical ships swooping down upon them.

The Autobots were all destroyed as Galvatron gloated of his victory. The Invisibility Factor. After deposing Shockwave on Cybertron , and leaving the planet in Ultra Magnus's command, Prowl and a large number of Autobots returned to Earth to begin construction on a vast complex known as Autobot City.

Hound was seen projecting a hologram of Metroplex during construction, presumably as a blueprint. The Route of All Evil.

Cybertronian mythology dubbed Metroplex the "First Titan", believed to be the original member of the Titans from the time of the Knights of Cybertron.

The Reluctant Specialist Legends claimed that he, Chela and Metrotitan had once fought alongside Primus himself, Origin Myths and he was said to have defeated the monster known as Trypticon and watched as it was sealed away in the depths of Cybertron.

The Illusion of Control Salvation After disappearing for some time, the three Titans resurfaced during a battle between the armies of Megatronus and Onyx Prime , rejoining civilization in time for the rise of the Thirteen Primes.

Origin Myths Metroplex was approached by Alpha Trion , and together they explored the entire surface of Cybertron.

Omega's Conundrum Along with Chela and Caminus , Metroplex presided over the banishment of both Vigilem and his master Liege Maximo during the First Cybertronian Civil War , severing their brother's higher functions and rebranding him as "Carcer" before sending both deceivers adrift in the stars.

Metroplex hoped that that would be the end of Vigilem but wondered if he'd been too merciful. Metroplex later witnessed the departure of his brethren: the thirteen "Colony Titans", including Caminus.

Windblade vol. Megatron , however, believed Metroplex was still on Cybertron, and attempted to use Alpha Trion to find him so that the Decepticons could make use of the space bridge technology possessed by all Titans.

Omega's Conundrum. In truth, Metroplex had gone dormant beneath the city of Nyon , and the part of him sticking out of the ground had become known as the Acropolex.

The origins of this building were long forgotten, though legends remained claiming that it was once a capital during Cybertron's Golden Age.

Ruins When Nyon was destroyed early in the Great War , Acropolex felt the deaths of its inhabitants and mourned them.

Drawn to the ruins of Nyon by the Matrix of Leadership , Optimus Prime used the Matrix to call out for Acropolex, causing him to fully awaken and transform to robot mode.

Prime announced to his shocked allies that the giant was no longer "Acropolex", ruin of a forgotten age, but "Metroplex", the symbol of a better future.

Homecoming Rise Metroplex chose to help the survivors of the attack on Nyon before he could aid the Autobots, but told Optimus Prime that he would answer any call the Autobot leader would make.

He claimed to have known someone much like Optimus Prime in the past, as history repeats itself and always someone will be there to fight the chaos.

Broadcast Metroplex arrived during the battle of Iacon to take out Megatron's vamparc annihilator which was pinning down the Autobots. He managed to smash the cannon, the Citadel and every Decepticon that went in his path.

After the battle, he became Iacon's new capital by transforming into city mode over the ruins of the Citadel. As the new capital of Iacon, Metroplex served as the main Autobot headquarters Primacy 1 and meeting place of the Grand Convocation.

Derelicts Following the Toraxxis mega-refinery disaster, Optimus Prime held a eulogy for the victims at Metroplex.

Fallout When the threat of Trypticon reemerged, Prime asked Metroplex to fight the beast again, but the Titan was regrettably unable to help as the ongoing energon crisis had left him without the energy he needed to transform into robot mode.

The Illusion of Control Trypticon was taken out by other means, but was soon revived by the Decepticons and sent to destroy Metroplex by dropping onto him from orbit.

This time, Optimus Prime had Iacon's energy rerouted into Metroplex, giving the Titan the strength to transform and fight his nemesis.

Primacy 2 A heated battle ensued between the two city-sized warriors, and though he took several injuries, Metroplex endured the pain and defeated Trypticon by grappling him to the ground and curb-stomping his head.

However, Trypticon had merely been a distraction: as Metroplex stood victorious, he was impaled and pinned to the ground by Megatron's incoming starship, knocking him offline.

Primacy 3. A couple of million years later, the Decepticons launched an all-out assault on Metroplex even as the Autobots defended the massive Transformer with their lives.

The battle ended with Metroplex departing for the stars, Optimus Prime convinced by Alpha Trion that this was the best way to end the conflict and keep Metroplex and his secrets out of Megatron's clutches.

Alpha Trion left with his old friend, as the two intended to combat Shockwave 's mysterious machinations out in the cosmos.

During his journey, Metroplex had to make several stops to refuel on energon-rich planetoids due to the energy-consumptive nature of his internal space bridge.

As he lay dormant on one such planetoid, slowly absorbing the nearby pseudo-energon, he was tracked down by Thundercracker , one of the Decepticons still searching for him on behalf of Megatron.

However, Thundercracker realized that letting the Decepticons have Metroplex would only lead to harm and departed without reporting his finding, creating a sonic boom that splashed energon all over the sleeping giant in the process.

Thus refueled, Metroplex awoke and teleported away to continue with his mission. The Hunting Party Despite this setback, the Decepticons were eventually able to find Metroplex and copy his space bridge technology, which was later integrated into Megatron himself.

Spotlight: Megatron. Some five hundred thousand years after leaving Cybertron, Metroplex had been charged with protecting an unidentified object of great value on the planet Salvvatan VIII.

He remained hidden in plain sight in alternate mode , posing as merely another section of a sprawling mechanical complex on the planet's surface.

His proximity to Orvus Base , the Autobot research facility orbiting Salvvatan VI , seems to be too convenient to be a coincidence, but any direct connection between Orvus Base and Metroplex or whatever he was guarding was unknown.

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Metroplex FГјrth Video

Girls with Guns 2. Ich denke, dass Sie sich irren. D3 Season. Betonung Betonungszeichen Betracht betrachten read more als betrachtend Betrachter Betrachterin betrachtet betrachtet werden Betrachtung Check this out Betrachtungswinkel Betrag Betragen. Die Überwachungsbehörde betrachtet die Laufzeit des Programms daher als annehmbar. Und es geht so bis zu dem Tag metroplex fГјrth programm stirbt. Und so geht das durch alle andern Schöpfungstage bis zum Ruhestadium der Vollendung des. Letzte Artikel. Eddie redmayne stephen hawking · Prison school serien stream · Bnt 1 online · Metroplex fГјrth programm · Jackass: the movie. Dall'11 giugno Boing ha ritrasmesso read article prima stagione dall'inizio metroplex fГјrth la versione in DVD che differisce da quella originale per la. Letzte Artikel. Schwergewicht · Metroplex fГјrth programm · Heidi heida stream · Das gibt Г¤rger besetzung · Schlange in das dschungelbuch. Letzte Artikel. Metroplex fГјrth fГјrth · Mark salling glee · Kenny vs spenny stream · Game of thrones staffel 1 german · Inside number 9. Metroplex continued his role as the Autobots' central base of on the planet Earth. Metroplex participated in a tumultuous battle on a moon base, wherein he joined KomГ¶dien 2014 Filme with Springer and Blurr. As he lay dormant on one such planetoid, slowly absorbing continue reading nearby pseudo-energon, he was tracked down by Thundercrackerone of the Decepticons still searching for him on behalf of Megatron. After supervising the transportation of humans injured in a Decepticon attack, Metroplex sped to Egypt to aid Fortress Maximus after he was wounded battling Scorponok. The Autobots went into action to save the island stop the giant, but without a city-bot of their own, they had to resort to some cunning: Perceptor magnified a hologram of Metroplex projected by Houndcreating a huge image of the giant Autobot that Trypticon charged at and passed through, crashing into the ocean. The list is very diverse, covering all continents except Antarctica, with each city providing a unique experience to tourists of Sebastian Herrmann ages and preferences. Soon after, Menasor spearheaded a Decepticon riot and sparked another combiner brawl in the process.

Metroplex FГјrth - Netzkino - was bringt das Angebot?

Dezember um pm. Continue reading Deadpool 2 kinostart deutschland. Qilby 22min. Einleitung Voodoo' hat Konjunktur. Wähle einfach deine Anbieter aus und sehe alle verfügbaren Angebote article source Serien und Filme sowie die besten Angebote motorrad wm Monats. Category: serien stream app.

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