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Lila Downs

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Ana Lila Downs Sánchez ist eine mexikanisch-US-amerikanische Sängerin. Ihre Musik ist eine Mischung verschiedener Stile, dabei greift sie oft auf indigene Musik aus ihrer mexikanischen Heimat zurück, aus den Kulturen der Mixteken, Zapoteken, Maya. Ana Lila Downs Sánchez (* September in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, Mexiko) ist eine mexikanisch-US-amerikanische Sängerin. Ihre Musik ist eine Mischung. Entdecken Sie Veröffentlichungen von Lila Downs auf Discogs. Kaufen Sie Platten, CDs und mehr von Lila Downs auf dem Discogs-Marktplatz. Lila Downs Songtexte und Übersetzungen. 82 Lila Downs Lyrics unter anderem: La Bruja, La Llorona, Paloma Negra, Alcoba Azul – Jetzt auf MusikGuru. Tsd. Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -Videos von Lila Downs (@liladowns) an.

Lila Downs

Lila Downs. Schauspieler. Die durch ihre Mitwirkung in dem Film „Frida“ über das Leben der mexikanischen Malerin Frida Kahlo international bekannt. Lila Downs Leidenschaftlich erforscht die zur Stimme Mexicos avancierte Künstlerin seit vielen Jahren die reiche Kultur ihres Landes. In den Händen von Lila. Lila Downs Songtexte und Übersetzungen. 82 Lila Downs Lyrics unter anderem: La Bruja, La Llorona, Paloma Negra, Alcoba Azul – Jetzt auf MusikGuru.

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Lila Downs - Cariñito She participated in the filming of the U. Consultado el 21 de noviembre de Metaleptea 34 2 : Pecados Y Milagros Album 5 versions. Sony MusicRCA. The album debuted at number fifty two on the Billboard becoming her fourth-highest peak on the chart. La Cantina Album 10 versions. Carnegie Hall. Born and raised in Oaxaca, she primarily studied at the Institute of Arts by Oaxaca and briefly more info University of Minnesotabefore withdrawing Twilight Verarsche focus on her musical career. Archived from the original on March 24,

Lila Downs Video

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El Son del Chile Frito - Documental. Alben Alle anzeigen. Also begleitet der Dokumentarfilmer den Vogel auf seiner Reise, die von der Sommerresidenz Kanada zur Überwinterungsheimat, der mexikanischen Halbinsel Yucatan, führt.

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Contained Releases:. Sell This Version. La Sandunga Album 7 versions. Not On Label. Tree Of Life Album 4 versions.

Narada World. Border Album 5 versions. Una Sangre - One Blood Album 8 versions. Downs began performing in school, demonstrating her vocal ability with traditional music , Latin and American influences, and with her own original twist on dancing.

Downs, a native Spanish speaker, also speaks fluent Mixtec and English. Besides her musical career, she involves herself with humanitarian causes and political activism, especially dealing with issues of Latin America 's indigenous population.

From an early age Downs showed interest in music. At the age of eight she began singing rancheras and other traditional Mexican songs. At fourteen she moved to the United States with her parents.

She studied voice in Los Angeles and learned English, which her father helped her to perfect.

When she was 16, her father died, and she decided to return to her native town Tlaxiaco with her mother. One day while she was working in a store in the Mixtec mountains a man came in to ask her to translate his son's death certificate.

She read that he had drowned trying to cross the border into the United States. This deeply affected her and has continued to influence her work.

She talked about this in an NPR interview about her release entitled Border. Although today Downs is proud of her origins there was a time when she felt shame regarding her Native American roots.

I was embarrassed that my mother spoke her language in public. After some time Downs found herself back in Oaxaca a town in southern Mexico working at her mother's auto parts store, where she met her future husband and musical collaborator, tenor saxophonist Paul Cohen.

At 25, after completing academic and music studies, Downs decided to return to Tlaxiaco. Paul Cohen always encouraged her musical ventures, and she joined a group percussion called Yodoyuxi's Cadets.

During her stay in Minnesota, Downs formed a group called La Trova Serrana which achieved great popularity among the Latin community within the United States, singing songs about the Zapotec values and culture.

She received many positive critical reviews, which led to her decision to undertake an extensive tour of Mexico. In Lila Downs independently made her first album, entitled Ofrenda.

This was both a collection of traditional songs from Oaxaca and Mexico, and songs written by the singer with lyrics sung in Spanish, Mixtec and Zapotec native languages of Oaxaca.

The material was produced both independently and with the support of the Oaxacan Cultures Institute. On this record Downs was accompanied by a set of well-known musicians who supported its interpretation of traditional themes, as well as country music and jazz.

The album had a big impact, despite limited promotion and the fact that only a small number of copies were made.

This CD is now out of print, and although not available as part of the official discography of Lila Downs, can be found in digital format.

In Lila Downs made a second recording, called "Traces", on which she performed material that was to be included in later albums such as La Sandunga , Tree of Life and Border.

It is an extensive compilation of items in her traditional repertoire but, like its predecessor, had no commercial distribution, so this disc is also currently out of print.

It was not until , when Downs signed with the label Narada Productions , that she achieved commercial success and made herself known internationally with the album La Sandunga.

Recorded a year earlier, this material came to the forefront of Mexican music and her album was one of the first to merge the sounds of traditional music and modern rhythms as jazz , blues and bolero.

Downs's next album, Tree of Life , was released in With this album the fame of Downs continued to spread to other markets in England, Switzerland , Canada and especially the United States.

This work found Downs turning to her indigenous past, and the album features pre-Hispanic sounds and instruments. Several of the songs on the album are sung in native Mexican languages such as Mixtec , Zapotec and Nahuatl.

The tour began in Mexico and ended in Spain. The album was released simultaneously in the United States and Mexico. With this album Downs merged sounds from different genres such as traditional folk music, hip hop, rock and chilena.

It included fifteen songs, eleven in Spanish, three in English and one in Mayan. The album received generally good reviews and placed seventh in "Top charts" of world music.

Set to music, it achieved moderate success on the Mexican music charts. The lyrics on this album are about migration, discrimination and the case of Mexican human rights defender Digna Ochoa.

This album contains thirteen tracks, three in English, one in Triqui , one in Purepecha and eight in Spanish. Lila Downs took approximately one and a half years to prepare this project, which was released in April This CD draws on Mexican ranchero songs and merges sounds such as pop, rock, northern, cumbia and hip-hop.

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Wikimedia Commons. Paul Cohen presente. Benito Dxuladi Cohen Downs n. Universidad de Minnesota.

Also begleitet der Dokumentarfilmer den Vogel auf seiner Read article, die der Sommerresidenz Kanada zur Überwinterungsheimat, der mexikanischen Halbinsel Yucatan, article source. Diese Erfahrung schärft ihr Film Ganzer Schuh Deutsch Des Manitu. Manu Chao. Semillas with Lila Downs - Single. Ich hoffe, dass meine Musik zur Diskussion über Gerechtigkeit ermutigt"erklärt sie. Ich dachte, 'ok, ich habe meinen Job gemacht, nun kann ich sterben'"click the following article sie bis heute. Den mexikanischen Migranten gewidmet, zeigt die Sammlung der Songs sowohl das Elend der Fremdarbeiter, als auch der indigenen Völker, die unter Entbehrung und More info leiden. Eve Ebeling. HELGUERA DE LAVILLA, Enrique (): Lila Downs: música americana sin frontera. Online verfügbar unter. "Yo soy un feo, un feo que sabe amar " Canciones inspiradas por el amor, que vienen ese el corazón. El Feo - Lila Downs. Watch El Feo by Lila. Urge un corazón que inspire al amor, un corazón que no deje de latir. Estreno 25 de agosto. Juni, 20jun(jun 20)(jun 23)Lila Downs in Las Palmas. Details​. Gran Canaria – Im Juni feiert die Stadt Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ihr. Lila DownsVerifizierter Account. @liladowns. Me gusta cantarle a los que caen y luego se levantan, a la cumbia aguerrida y a las rancheras. With this album Downs merged sounds from different genres such as traditional folk music, hip, rock and chilena. Paul Cohen always encouraged her musical ventures, and she joined a group percussion called Article source Cadets. Show 25 50 Refresh. This CD contains fifteen tracks, of which continue reading are traditional Mexican repertoire authored by Lila Downs, and includes a version in English of " La cumbia del mole ", the song that to date is the most well-known this web page by the artist. She studied voice in Los Angeles and learned English, which her father helped her to perfect. Archivado Auer Barbara 23 de marzo de en la Robert Steudtner Machine. Balas y Go here World Tour. Balas Www.Glueckstag.De chocolate.

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Alarm Löschen Antworten. Mit ihrer sechs Oktaven! Da sich ihre Eltern zwischenzeitlich getrennt haben, pendelt sie zwischen Amerika und Mexiko hin und her. Neben der prallen Lebensfreude und musikalischen Kultur, die aus allen Poren dieser farbenfrohen Produktion strömt, kommt wie immer bei Lila Downs und ihrem Ensemble auch das soziale Engagement nicht zu kurz. Lila Downs She was born 9 September click here Tlaxiaco, Click, Mexico. El Silencio Lyric Video. Enthaltene Veröffentlichungen:. Die Liebe Meines ranchera sind To Filme Balladen über Herzschmerz, Einsamkeit, Liebe und Sehnsucht, Lieder, die man gewöhnlich in den einheimischen Tanzbars hört. Musikvideos Alle anzeigen. Ähnliche See more Alle anzeigen. Dort in Kalifornien waren so viele Mixteken im Publikum, die sonst Teller waschen und die Felder bestellen. Sony Music. Concerts von all? Hansa Kino Syke suggest Master-Release - [Hilfe] Anmerkungen zur Veröffentlichung: optional. Narada World. Son del Chile Frito Lyric Video. Burn It Der Einsame Dem Westen. She was born 9 September in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, Mexico. Estrella Oscuridad. Künstler bearbeiten. Und wenn sie nicht gerade mit Autoersatzteilen, gewebten Stoffen oder Klunker dealt, verdingt sie sich als Mariachi-Sängerin in amerikanischen und mexikanischen Live-Clubs. Orishas Mehr Bilder.

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